What is the dark Side of VPNs and how to avoid risks and scams?

dark VPN How does VPN work

In today’s time, sharing your personal details on the internet is very dangerous because the online world is completely full of bad people who can steal your personal details and blackmail you. In such a situation, VPN helps us a lot to keep ourselves safe online. We all are lucky that today we have an easy way to get rid of the fear that we face all the time while working online and its name is VPN. You all must have heard about VPN at some point or the other, what is VPN and how does it work? Today I am going to tell you about this.

VPN is a network technology that creates secure connections in public networks such as the Internet and private networks such as Wi-Fi. VPN is a great way to secure your network and protect your personal data from hackers. VPN service is mostly used by people working online like businessmen, organizations, government agencies, educational institutions and corporations so that they can protect their important data from unauthorized users.

Dark Side of VPNs

Slow Speed: 

VPN can reduce your internet speed because it encrypts the data and the data traffic follows a long route through the VPN server. However, this is not the case in all VPN services, so you must do a speed test while taking a VPN.

Consumes more data: 

As we said that encryption is used to secure your data and protect it from unwanted surveillance, due to which data is consumed more.

VPN does not guarantee protection from viruses and malware: 

If you visit a wrong website or download a file, it is not necessary that your VPN will protect you from viruses. Although some VPN services now provide security features, you may have to pay extra for them.

Disadvantages of free VPN or wrong VPN: 

Wrong VPN providers can become a threat to your privacy. They can sell your data. You should also avoid free VPN services because they do not take much care of your privacy and security. Premium VPNs charge more: If you want a good VPN service that has all the necessary features and has a high data limit, then you may have to pay more for it.

Some online services can ban you: 

There are some online services, websites, apps etc. which if you access through VPN, then they ban your account. Like Netflix etc.

How to choose right VPNs

There are many VPN companies in the market, some of which are doing good work, while there are some VPN providers whose service you will not be satisfied with.

Therefore, you should keep some things in mind while choosing the right VPN such as:

  • Use a Trusted and Reputed VPN
  • Take care of speed
  • Price should be suitable according to service and feature
  • Have anti malware and other security features
  • Provider follows latest protocols
  • Data limit should be as per your need
  • you can use multiple devices
  • Have customer support facility

How does VPN work?

First of all, you have to download any trusted VPN software or app on your mobile or computer and log in to it.

  • After turning on the VPN, you send a request to the VPN through the browser for the website you want to access.
  • VPN software encrypts your data and sends it to the VPN server through your ISP.
  • The VPN server decrypts that encrypted data and accesses that website through the internet and encrypts the received data and sends it back to your device.
  • After this, the VPN software decrypts that encrypted data and displays that page of the website to you.

During this entire communication, the encrypted data cannot be understood by anyone other than your VPN software. Even your ISP is not able to decrypt it and it also does not know which website you are accessing.


You get many benefits from VPN and everyone can use it. With this you can enjoy the freedom of the internet. But keep in mind that even if no one has your information, your VPN provider knows about your IP address, web history etc. Today, many apps have come on the internet in the name of Free VPN and people are using them indiscriminately. But one more thing should be understood here that to run the VPN server and provide service, the company has to invest a lot of money and hence they have to generate income from somewhere. In such a situation, if they compromise with your privacy and security and give your data into wrong hands, then you may have to face bad consequences.

Therefore, if you want to take advantage of VPN, it is most important to choose the right VPN provider. VPN service is mostly used by people working online like businessmen, organizations, government agencies, educational institutions and corporations so that they can protect their important data from unauthorized users.


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