Today from this post you will know how to know the traffic of any website or blog, if you are a new blogger then you must read this post because I am going to tell you not 1 but 5 ways. It is always important for us to keep track of our competitor’s website more than our own because you have to take inspiration from it and if you do not keep track of the ranking of your competitor’s website then how will you get the idea of ​​how to compete with it and how to make a good strategy for it. That you too can become good in the eyes of Google and be able to rank. You people work so hard to write posts but if we do not know what traffic is coming then everything is useless. Only we will tell you how to check the traffic of a competitor’s blog online, what is blog traffic and why there is traffic on the website. is important. By checking the traffic of any blog, you can know the popularity of that blog.

what is blog traffic

Web traffic is the counting of data sent and received by visitors to a website or blog. Example: If 500 people visited your blog in 1 day, then the traffic of your blog is 500, although the page views may be different. This affects the Alexa rank of one’s website. The more traffic, the better the Alexa rank.

Why you should check your Competitor’s Website Traffic

If you are a new blogger then my advice is that you should consider one or two websites as your guru or competitor so that you will get a lot of helpful information like Content Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Link building and Keyword research process., Content writing style and all this information will prove helpful to you in making the right strategy. Here below are some parameters which you have to analyze your competitor’s website.

  • Total no. of Visitors, Trends of visitor time to time
  • Which is the top most keyword due to which there is more traffic on his blog?
  • Which page is top performing?
  • Which category is top performing?
  • Which high CPC keyword is used?
  • Through which channel is more traffic coming (Quora, social media, Organic, Referral)

Best tool to check website traffic

Although you get many free tools on Google, but I will tell you 5 such tools which are used by almost all good bloggers. If you have money to buy paid version then you can also buy it. I would always suggest you to check not on one but on 2-3 traffic checker tools as this will help you in getting the result variation.


SimiliarWeb is a very famous online website traffic checker website or tool. Through which you can know the traffic of anyone’s website. Through SimiliarWeb, you get the complete report of the website, which you will also be able to download in PDF version. With the help of SimiliarWeb website, you can know about Global Rank, Country Rank, Category Rank, Bounce Rate, Traffic by Country, Traffic Source, Top referring and destination site, Top Organic Keyword, Competitors Website of any website.


Alexa is also a great SEO and blog traffic analyze tool, Alexa is available in both free and paid versions but you will get only limited features in the free version. Alexa Rank tells the ranking of your website/blog how popular your site is compared to other sites.

How to check Alexa Rank

It is very easy to find out the traffic or rank of any website in Alexa. You go to directly, you have to enter the URL of your website in the search bar on the top right side of the page and after a few seconds you will get the complete status of Alexa. The dashboard will open. or you directly You can open and search by entering the URL of your website in the search box. By clicking on this link, you can take a 14-day trial in which you will get all the features of the full version. Alexa is also called the best free website checker tool.


SerpStat is also a widely used all-in-one SEO tool. On this website, you will also be able to analyze your or your competitor’s website right on SemRush. In its free version, you will be able to see only top 10 keywords and top 10 best performing pages, for the rest of the information you will have to buy the paid version.


UberSuggest was the most used SEO tool but now due to its limited features, it is used less because if you are a free user, you will be able to know the traffic and SEO of only 3 websites in a day. But its paid version is quite cheap if compared to other tools. You can also install UberSuggest’s Chrome extension in your browser.



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