Time flies when you strategically place links and watch your website climb through the rankings. But if you revisit the memory lane, you might find some common link-building mistakes that you have made. In this guide, we are going to guide you out of those link-building mistakes so that you can get the most out of your SEO game.

1. Ignoring Quality For Quantity

Imagine being at a buffet and instead of eating all the gourmet dishes, you are trying to take a bite of every item you see in there. Link building is similar to that. When it comes to link building, quality will beat quantity every time. Don’t just spam your links across everything you see on the internet. Instead, focus on creating meaningful connections with reputable sites where you can share your link. It is not much different than building a network of friends where you want only quality people and not just a sea of acquaintances.

2. Anchors Away: Over-Optimizing Anchor Texts

Anchor texts are your digital lifeline. But too many anchor texts can similarly weigh you down. We do not recommend you over-optimize anchor texts. It is like you are using the same keyword over and over again, and no one likes a broken record. Mix up your anchor texts with variations, and keep it natural. Go natural when it comes to SEO. Because you do not want to sound like a desperate salesman.

3. Getting Lost In A Shady Neighborhood

Have you ever got lost in a shady neighborhood? The same thing can happen with link building. Don’t go near the shady, spammy sites. Google has an assistant that can land you in SEO jail if you associate your links with the wrong crowd. Stick to reputable websites, and your own website will thank you.

4. Neglecting The Power Of Internal Links

It is important to build bridges with external sites. But you should also remember the importance of internal linking. Internal linking is having good navigation within your own website. It is like having a well-lit path within your own house. Use internal links strategically throughout your content. Make sure your visitors can explore every page without getting lost.

5. Sleeping On Diverse Content Types

Suppose going to a party and finding out the same music playing on repeat. Boring, right? The same goes for the content you are posting. Diversify your content type, and not just stick to one. Write blog posts, infographics, videos, podcasts, and other varieties to engage your audience. Writing various types of content will also help you attract a broader range of link opportunities. It is like hosting the coolest party in town where everyone wants to join in.

6. Forgetting To Update Your Map: Stale Content

Have you ever followed a map and then realized that the roads have changed? If content is your map, and if the map is outdated, then your users will get lost. Update your content regularly to make sure that it remains relevant and valuable. Google loves fresh data, and so do your visitors. If your content is not evergreen, it will also hurt your SEO.

7. Impatience: The Achilles Heel of SEO

The digital world has already destroyed our patience. Patience is a long-forgotten virtue. And SEO is like a marathon and not a sprint. You should not expect instant results, because a high-ranking website cannot be built in one day. You have to be consistent in your content marketing approach. Keep building those links steadily like you would plant a seed. Planting a seed is about watering it, nurturing it, and soon seeing a flourishing garden.


Let’s reflect on what we have learned in this post. We have learned that when you are building links, you will make mistakes. But learning from those mistakes is what makes you wiser. Link building is an adventure that has been evolving every day. But if you avoid these common mistakes, it will become easier for you to pass through the digital ocean. Remember that link building is important for improving your website’s SEO. So, don’t avoid it. Avoiding link-building will be the biggest mistake you will make in the link-building world, to begin with.


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