If you have heard the word social media, then you must have understood that in simple words, marketing on social media can be called Social Media Marketing. But what is Social Media Marketing? And how does it work? To know this, let me explain it to you well so that you will know how you too use it daily knowingly or unknowingly. And you don’t even know how you take advantage of it. You all must have heard about social media and many of your friends also use it, but do you know that we can do Social Media Marketing.

Today I will give you complete information related to Social Media Marketing. What is Social Media Marketing, what are the advantages and disadvantages, how many types of Social Media Marketing are there, complete information means complete knowledge of Social Media Marketing in Hindi and I do medicine on social media. This question of what is media will not come to your mind again.

Importance of social media

In today’s time, it has become quite challenging to carry forward any business without technology and internet because people now prefer to promote their business online more than at the grassroots level. Therefore, it has become very important nowadays for any business, whether small or big, to reach more people, social media marketing has become easy and good, hence its demand has become very big in the world.

There are mainly some important and famous platforms through which social media marketing can be done like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. By visiting all these social sites, business can be promoted very easily.


Nowadays, almost everyone in the world must know the name of Facebook and 75 percent of the people in the world must have created their ID and use it on Facebook. Therefore, if you want to promote any business, then you can create a page on Facebook and set up ads as per your business and can take your business to the people of the world through Facebook Ads. Facebook is one of the most famous social sites in the world. Facebook has emerged as the first favourite platform for doing Social Media Marketing.


Most people are known to share photos and videos on Instagram because Instagram is designed to share photos and videos. On Instagram, you can expand your business by using video photos and accompanying text. Instagram is a social networking site of Facebook you can easily do your business or any kind of promotion as per your requirement through Instagram. Instagram also plays a big role in social media.


LinkedIn app is a social professional networking website where the biggest professionals and smallest professionals of the world can meet. Your business can also be promoted on linkedin.com as per the target audience. LinkedIn is also very beneficial for doing social media marketing. There is an abundance of educated and professional people here.It is very good to promote your business or yourself on LinkedIn, therefore, it is very important to do Social Media Marketing through LinkedIn.


Twitter is famous for delivering short and accurate news in the world because a message of 150 words is sent on Twitter. People from every sphere of the world, including political, are active on Twitter, hence it is better to do social media marketing on Twitter also. To do social media marketing on Twitter, you can promote your business or any type of promotion by creating your account on Twitter.

Benefits of social media marketing

Earlier, people had talent but they had to struggle a lot to bring it to the world because they did not have any tools available to make their talent reach more people so that it could be made visible to the world very quickly. In today’s time, if you have talent, skill or any special kind of knowledge, then you can become popular in front of the world very soon because social media marketing is such a platform.

Because today all the people of the world spend most of their time on social media and feel good in keeping themselves updated through social media because today every new thing is making its mark in the world through social media, hence today’s The benefits of social media marketing over time are innumerable.


Even today, marketing is very popular. Earlier, marketing was done in only one way and that way was direct marketing, but in today’s technical times, not only is there direct marketing, but social media marketing is also being used a lot. Because through social media marketing, your business is being presented to the world by targeting the exact and target audience. Due to which growth of any type of business becomes possible very soon. There are mainly some important and famous platforms through which social media marketing can be done like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. By visiting all these social sites, business can be promoted very easily.


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