How can we improve the Quality of education?


Everyone needs better education to move forward and succeed in life. Apart from building our self-confidence, it also helps in building our personality. School education plays a great role in everyone’s life. The entire education system is divided into three parts namely primary education, secondary education and higher secondary education. All levels of education have their own special importance and place. The knowledge gained in the whole learning process makes us all and every individual self-reliant towards our life. It opens various doors for opportunities to achieve better opportunities in life thereby promoting career growth. The government is conducting many awareness programs to promote the importance of education in rural areas. It brings a sense of equality among all the people in the society and promotes the growth and development of the nation.

Education has become more important in today’s society. Although education has many uses, it needs a new direction. Education should enable a person to familiarize himself with his environment. Education is an essential tool for a bright future for all of us. By using this education, we can achieve anything good in our life. A higher level of education helps people to create social and family respect and a unique identity.

What improvement is needed in education system?

According to the Unified District Education Information System (UDISE), 2019-20, only 12% schools have internet access and only 30% have computers. Of these, about 42% schools lacked furniture, 23% lacked electricity, 22% lacked ramps for physically disabled and 15% lacked water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). There was a lack of facilities. And the dropout rate at secondary levels is very high. Most students in the age group 6-14 leave school before completing their education. This leads to wastage of financial and human resources. According to the National Family Health Survey-5, before the 2019-20 school year, 21.4% of girls and 35.7% of boys in the age group of 6 to 17 said lack of interest in studies was the main reason behind leaving school.

The intense competition to gain admission into top institutes like IIT and IIM has created a challenging educational environment for a large number of students in India. Due to this, they prefer to go abroad for education, due to which the country is deprived of good talent. Education in India has certainly expanded quantitatively but on the qualitative front (which is essential for a student to get a job) it has lagged behind. Despite constitutional directives and efforts targeted at promotion of education, about 25% of Indians are still illiterate, which also deprives them socially and digitally. Lack of adequate attention to Indian languages: Indian languages ​​are still in an underdeveloped state, especially in science subjects. The medium of instruction is English, resulting in unequal opportunities for rural students. Additionally, standard publications are not available in Indian languages.

How to Improve Quality of education?

Quality education is the demand of modern society and no matter what the field, quality is demanded everywhere. Quality education means developing qualities or incorporating qualities in education so that students and the objectives of education can be achieved well. When a work includes all the qualities related to that work, then it is seen and understood as the quality of that work and the same aspect is also there in education. When we talk about quality in education, we talk about such education. Quality education means such education which fulfills its objectives well. If we talk about the modern era, it would be wrong to call the education of any country as quality. Present education has failed to achieve its objectives. Quality education often includes the same education. Education which understands the interest and abilities of the students in teaching-learning and fulfills the needs of the society and makes the students capable of earning a living.

To bring quality in education, it is necessary that the objectives of education should be formulated on the basis of physical, social, economic and cultural environment. It is very important to have a proper environment for learning and for that it is very important to make the environment around the students conducive for learning and education. Teachers prepare the citizens of the society. A teacher is responsible for the implementation of all these educations. The role of a teacher is considered most important in education because it is only a teacher who transfers knowledge from one generation to another. Only a teacher can do the work of increasing the quality of education.


Education lays the basic foundation for building a bright future. Schooling helps each student discover their unique interests and passions. In a way, schooling paves the way for students to step up their career path to have a successful future. Let us explore the importance of school education for students.


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