Efforts to erase Israel from the world map have been going on for 7 decades, what is the enmity with Hamas?


It has been a week since the Hamas attack on Israel. This attack has once again put the seven decades of war and conflict between Israelis and Palestinians in front of the world. This conflict has once again served to destabilize the Middle East. But why are Hamas and Israel enemies of each other? Actually, it all starts with the creation of Israel. Israel’s founder David Ben Gurion proclaimed modern Israel on May 14, 1948. The goal of creating Israel was that the Jews who had been wandering for decades would have a country of their own. The place where Israel was formed was part of Palestine. Palestinians described the creation of Israel as a catastrophe. This place was ruled by the British. After the creation of Israel, approximately seven million people, or half the Arab population of Palestine, left their homes or were forcibly expelled. From here people reached Jordan, Lebanon and Syria as well as Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Gaza now occupied by Hamas

PLO was not a terrorist organization but was fighting the battle for Palestine in a secular manner. But many Islamic organizations were formed under the leadership of Sheikh Ahmed Yasin which became Hamas after 1987. Israel abandoned Gaza in 2005, which it won from Egypt in 1967. Hamas captured it in 2006. But since then there have been many occasions when voices of opposition to Israel have been heard. In 2006, 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2021, large-scale rockets were fired from Gaza. In response, Israel also carried out air strikes.

Israel fought a war

After this, in 1967, Israel fought a six-day war and defeated five Arab countries simultaneously. After this Israel captured the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Golan Heights. In 1973, Israel and Syria attacked again, but within three weeks they pushed back both the armies. Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 and after a 10-week siege thousands of Palestinian fighters under Yasser Arafat were evacuated by sea.

The attack took place as soon as the country was formed

The announcement of dividing Palestine and creating Israel was made on May 14, 1948. The very next day five Arab countries attacked him. An armistice agreement in 1949 stopped the fighting but no formal peace was achieved. The Arab population that survived constitutes 20 percent of the population today. After this, Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was formed in 1964, whose objective was to erase Israel from the map. Its leader was Yasser Arafat. PLO carried out many attacks and hijacks but did not succeed.

Israel evacuated its citizens from Lebanon border

Israel has started evacuating civilians from its border with Lebanon. It is reported that it is evacuating 28 communities living in the area up to two kilometers inside the Lebanese border in the north of the country and starting to house them in government guest houses in safe areas. It is noteworthy that in the last few days, apart from the Gaza Strip, rockets have also been fired on Israel from Lebanon.

Attempt to occupy Gaza would be a big mistake

US President Joe Biden is considering visiting Israel amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. However, there has been no discussion so far from internal sources regarding the visit to Israel. During an interview, President Biden warned Israel against its long-term attempt to occupy the Gaza Strip. He said that Israel should not keep the Gaza Strip under its control for long.

People in Gaza have not bathed for many days, yearn for drinking water

Israel has cut off electricity and water supply in Gaza Strip. Due to this, people in Gaza are facing severe shortage of drinking water. Ahmed Hamid (43), who lives in Gaza, has left Gaza with his wife and seven children and is heading towards Rafah, a city located on the Egypt-Gaza border. Ahmed Hamid told that ‘he and his family members have not bathed for many days. Even to go to the toilet we have to stand in queues.

Israel clearly denies any agreement to stop fighting with Hamas

It has now been 10 days since Hamas started attacking Israel. So far 1400 people have lost their lives in Israel due to this attack. On the other hand, the death toll in the counterattack by Israel on Gaza Strip has now reached close to 2500. This is the situation when only air strikes have been carried out by Israel on Gaza. It has been reported that the Israeli army may soon attack Gaza through sea and land routes.


The war between Israel and Hamas is getting bigger every day. Bombs are continuously being dropped from the sky on the ground. Israeli attacks against Hamas have caused devastation everywhere in Gaza. Hundreds of people have been killed, thousands injured and thousands forced to leave their homes. Hundreds of Israeli people also lost their lives in the Hamas attack. Some were shot with guns at home and some were brutally killed on the road.


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