How to Go Viral with Your Content on Social Media


Are you tired of sharing your deep thoughts about the mysteries of the universe but can’t gain any followers no matter how hard you try? We have bad news for you— it is not that easy to go viral with your content on social media. But we have good news for you— if you play the game right, you will win. And it is a promise. In fact, going viral on social media is going to be as fun as a battle of monkeys. So let’s talk about the ways you can go viral on social media with your amazing content, of course.

Step 1: Viral Dream

Imagine posting a picture of your breakfast sandwich and finding it on the cover of TIME magazine the next day or being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres and being asked how you make a sandwich that looks so good. It’s a bit unrealistic to go viral like that. Though going viral can be a game changer for your online presence if it ever happens. Treat it like a dream but you know what to do to achieve a dream? You work for it. Let’s find out the ways to do that.

Step 2: Decide On Your Niche (or Not)

Some content gurus say you should stick to one niche. Well, we say, it does not matter what you are passionate about— it could be vacuum cleaners and if you can make them look interesting, then you should share them on social media. Just don’t be all over the place like a squirrel in a sugar rush. We encourage you to be just you and let your authenticity shine through.

Step 3: Create Killer Content

Content is more important than the niche of content you are sharing. It does not matter what you are sharing— you could be sharing memes, you could be sharing life hacks, or your adventures of knitting sweaters for your little Kitty. Whatever you are sharing, make sure it is shareable by your audience. Always remember the old saying “Quality over quality”. Although it is social media, don’t share content without proofreading. Typos can be as embarrassing as walking into a room with your pants on backward. 

Step 4: Do Hashtag Research

Hashtags are your ticket to discovery, so you should use them wisely and be as specific and creative as possible while using them. You are more likely to get viral with the hashtag #GrandamsAmazingBananaBreadRecipe than a simple #bread. Unless, of course, you are Gordon Ramsay.

Step 5: Set The Timing Right

Ever posted a killer joke at 3:00 a.m. and heard crickets? That is because when you are on social media, timing matters. Different social media platforms have different peak hours and when you are on one, you have to know the best timing when your audience is most active. You will get more engagement on your content during busy hours.

Step 6: Collaborate with Fellow Content Creators

Teaming up with your fellow content creators can help you grow faster. It is like the Avengers coming together but with fewer capes. You will just have to find a fellow content creator whose content complements yours and then collaborating with them can help you make something incredible together. 

Step 7: A Dash of Controversy

Now this one is a bit difficult than the others but stirring up controversy will get you noticed. At the same time, it can also backfire like a rocket with a broken engine. So, we will not 100% recommend this, but we just want you to know that this helps. If you are going this route, then we want you to be 100% sure about the decision you are making.

Final Step: Go with The Trends

There is always a new trend on social media and they come and go faster than a chocolate cake at a kid’s birthday party. We encourage you to stay updated and go with every relevant trend that appears. Treat them like a new dance challenge, and give them your best shot. Who knows, maybe they will make you go viral after all. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun . Because the whole journey of a content creator is having fun and loving your work. 


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